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Hello and welcome to my website. I am a licensed psychologist and specialize in work with adults and couples. I welcome clients seeking assistance with marital distress, communication problems, parenting, relationship problems, family conflicts, depression, anxiety, stress and overwork, and recovery issues. My practice is located in Wesley Chapel, Florida, and is part of the Tampa Bay Center for Relational Psychology.

I enjoy creating a collaborative relationship with you and working with you to achieve your goals. The atmosphere of our therapy is non-judgmental, caring and optimistic. If you would like to improve your relationships or your life, please feel free to consult with me about the changes you would like to make. I am happy to answer your questions. You can read about additional areas of expertise and how I work below and you can also get more information about my practice from www.tbcrp.com.

Meet Dr. Peterson

Dr. Peterson holds a license as a psychologist in the state of Florida and is also a Clinical Fellow and an Approved Supervisor for the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). She received her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in 1992 from the Florida Institute of Technology, completing her internship at the USF Counseling Center. She previously earned a master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University (1984) and completed a clinical externship in structural-strategic family therapy through the Institute for Juvenile Research in Chicago (1987). She is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Florida Psychological Association, and the national and Florida Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Her previous clinical experience spans 25+ years and has been in a variety of settings including community mental health centers, substance abuse treatment facilities, University counseling centers, inpatient treatment facilities, and private practice. She has been a faculty member at the University of Connecticut in their COAMFTE-accredited marriage and family therapy doctoral program, at North Carolina State University in their APA-accredited School Psychology program, and at the Florida School of Professional Psychology where she served as Dean and Associate professor in their APA-accredited Clinical Psychology program.

Dr. Peterson currently is in full-time private practice, where she sees clients and supervises doctoral students and residents.


I enjoy working with late adolescents, adults of all ages and their partners. My individual therapy often involves examining how significant relationships affect your own functioning and how your feelings about yourself may be expressed in repeated patterns in your relationships. Through our collaboration in a caring and trusting therapeutic atmosphere, we identify directions that you can take to improve, build skills or transform your experience. You’ll be encouraged and supported in the process of making the changes you would like to see.

Couples therapy often focuses on key aspects of the relationship that enhance each person’s satisfaction with the relationship and that build a safe and supportive place for partners to share themselves, build connection, and resolve differences. We usually begin with a thorough assessment and identify resources and areas of strength as well as issues or skills that are problematic. In a non-blaming way, I assist partners to interact differently with one another and to re-build trust and positive feelings. We look at new ways to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts. Often therapy focuses on building or re-establishing satisfying intimacy. I welcome both traditional and non-traditional couples and seek to assist people to make changes in a climate of acceptance and optimism.

All of my work is informed by research findings and I strive to use the most effective strategies. Together, we tailor specific approaches to work for you and work actively to find your most successful steps for growth and change. My approach is practical and understandable and I encourage clients to ask questions and make choices that are best for them. In my work with individuals and couples, I have several additional areas of expertise, as described below:

Grief and Loss- For those managing life-threatening, debilitating or terminal health conditions - I help you cope with the daily losses and stressors, as well as capitalize on the unique opportunities to connect with loved ones and resolve issues from the past. Therapy can help you to make sense of your condition, adjust to unpredictable losses and declines, and assist you to establish meaning in your life. Couples can benefit from a guided opportunity to support one another through the intense emotional roller coaster and prepare for upcoming changes.

For Caregivers – The tremendous responsibilities involved in being a caretaker can be both challenging and draining. Therapy can provide a safe outlet for the mixed emotions and negative impacts of this process. We focus on nurturing yourself, coming to terms with your feelings, and responding to the often unpredictable demands and losses of the process.
For those who are grieving - When I work with those who have recently lost a loved one, we focus on the enormous emotional and life changes you are experiencing. So often the loss creates a need for you to redefine relationships in your life and to negotiate new tasks that were not present before. Therapy provides a safe and nurturing environment for you to express your feelings and build your skills and confidence. I offer gentle assistance with rebuilding your life.

Consultation with parents about improving their family's well-being and functioning - including those who are going through divorce, developing co-parenting arrangements, or forming a step-family. Living in a post-divorce or stepfamily can be quite complex and may require both your own attention and professional guidance to best negotiate complicated solutions. Therapy can offer a blueprint for developing healthy relationships, arrangements that facilitate children’s growth and well-being, and establishing guidelines for interactions that are mutually satisfying. Recognizing that being a parent is a complicated and demanding job, our therapy also helps to build self-compassion and an accepting attitude towards self and others.

Infertility Support – A special area of expertise is in working with individuals and couples undergoing infertility treatment and helping them to maintain a healthy and optimistic perspective throughout the process. In addition to the physical and financial demands of the process, emotional and interpersonal stress can also arise, particularly as you go through multiple cycles of hope and disappointment. Therapy can help with predicting pitfalls and developing responses to manage problems as well as providing a safe climate for discussion of conflicts and feelings. Services are provided to heterosexual and GLBTQ individuals or couples.

Working with excessive alcohol use or substance abuse in the family –by assisting the using family member to establish sobriety, dealing with the emotional and behavioral changes of recovery or assisting those with an alcoholic or substance dependent family member to cope with their loved ones' behavior and create stable and meaningful lives for themselves, therapy can be helpful in dealing with the highly challenging dilemmas that alcoholism and substance abuse create.

Contact Me

I have two conveniently located offices: In Wesley Chapel, in the Seven Oaks Professional Park, just off Route 56, and in Land O Lakes, just off Route 54 in the Devonwood Commons Park.

I respond to calls Monday-Thursday during normal business hours. If you reach my confidential voicemail, please feel free to leave a detailed message. You can expect a call back as soon as possible, generally within one business day. Due to work with existing clients, I am not always able to respond to urgent calls; if you have an emergency, please contact 911 or your local county emergency services.

Phone: (813) 382-2091
FAXes can be sent to: (813) 907-9494
Email: jp@tbcrp.com

Also visit my profile at The Tampa Bay Center for Relational Psychology website.

Fees and Forms

Services are available by appointment on weekdays. Some early evening appointments are also available.

For individuals, the first session involves discussion of your background and the problem that led you to seek therapy as well as affording you an opportunity to assess whether I would be the best clinician for you.

Couples sessions usually begin with joint session and then one individual session for each partner. I also ask that couples complete an assessment packet that helps us to target key areas and focus the treatment most effectively.

Fees vary and may be covered by your insurance. Please confirm any benefits you may have with your insurer; my assistant is also available to help with that process. We usually discuss your specific situation and procedures for payment during the initial phone call. If not otherwise arranged, payment in cash or by check is expected at the time of service.

Initial intake forms can be downloaded here


Dr. Peterson provides supervision for therapists seeking licensure as a psychologist, mental health counselor or marriage and family therapist in the state of Florida, or Clinical Membership in the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). She is an Approved Supervisor for the AAMFT and is recognized by the state licensure board as qualified to provide MFT supervision. She also offers consultation for professionals working with couples and families. Please contact her directly to discuss your needs, as services and fees can be tailored accordingly.

If you have recently completed or will be completing your doctoral degree in psychology and would like to apply for a post-doctoral training position at the Tampa Bay Center for Relational Psychology, please send a letter of interest and your CV to Dr. Jeanne Peterson.


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